Mobile Climbing Walls

Rock Climbing Walls

We produced the very first commercially available mobile rock climbing wall in the ’90s, and we’ve been leading climbing wall innovation since then. We introduced the first 4-climber mobile climbing wall, first 5-climber portable climbing wall, and we were the first company to offer mobile climbing walls in heights from 18′ (5.5m) up to 32′ (9.75m). We also pioneered the first Auto-Belay which increased the safety of the mobile rock climbing wall experience, and made rock climbing more accessible to the public.

Our portable rock climbing walls are consistently in the top 3 rental items for event and party planners. If you are looking for a ‘commercial grade’ mobile climbing wall with low ownership costs that will bring in the profits for decades Spectrum Sports Int’l is your only serious choice. Other companies claim quality, but ask around and you will find that our portable climbing walls have the best reputation in the industry. We have a high number of repeat customers because our service and quality cannot be beat.

Our mobile rock climbing walls can be found around the world, and you can feel confident working with one of our many qualified distributors. To learn more about our various portable rock climbing wall models click on the links below or CONTACT US for pricing and additional information!

Spectrum Sports is not only the best manufacturer of climbing walls, but is also the best as far as service after the sale.”

- Tim D. Texas