Climbing Wall / Game System

DigiWall takes climbing into the 21st century by combining computer game technology, pro audio, and realistic rock climbing panels. Illuminated handholds guide the way, audio creates atmosphere, and sensors in the handholds respond to your actions. This sensory overload makes for a rich and truly interactive experience.

DigiWall has hand and foot grips with built-in sensors and lights. In addition to this the wall has a high-end surround-sound audio system. Using this interface, a large number of totally different games, exercises, challenges and aesthetic experiences are created.

DigiWall is preprogrammed with 6 classic games such as Pong, Memory, and Follow the Leader. The games are very intuitive and are easy for people of all ages to understand. Each game is available in 3 skill levels to keep you engaged as your skills progress.

When not in use DigiWall lives its own life and becomes a beautiful sound and light installation. It’s an entertaining work of art to watch, listen to, and touch” and above all, to interact with.

Spectrum Sports Int’l is pleased to be the exclusive North America distributor for DigiWall, originally created by the Interactive Institute’s research studio Sonic, in Piteå, Sweden.


  • Modular panel design
  • Interactive handholds
  • Preinstalled games
  • Surround Sound w/ volume control
  • Computer-based platform for upgradeability
  • 4, 5, 6, & 7 Panel models available
  • Remote service via internet connection


  • 3 skill levels per game
  • Pong
  • Follow the Leader
  • Memory
  • Catch the Grip
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Free Climbing

DigiWall Product Specs

  • 6 Climbing Panels
  • 1 Selector Panel (game module)
  • 3 top panels for speakers
  • 3 bottom panels for speakers
  • 9’h x 21’w x 6″d total size
  • 144 interactive handholds
  • 6 Games
  • Apple Mac Mini Core Duo Processor
  • Monitor, keyboard, mouse
  • 8 Surround sound speakers + 1 sub
  • 110-230 volt ac, 600 W required

WARNING – Failure to follow the operational requirements found in your Operation and Owner’s Manual will result in voiding warranties and will place people and property at risk of serious damage and injuries.  Any modifications, alterations, misuse, work or service that is performed on your Spectrum Sports Intl equipment or its components that is not performed by an authorized Spectrum Sports Intl employee voids any and all claims to any manufacturer’s liability.

It is the buyer/operator’s responsibility to know and understand all regulatory restrictions and limitations that apply to this product in their jurisdiction. SSI makes no guarantee, explicit or implied, that the product meets all requirements in the buyer/operator’s jurisdiction.

See DigiWall in action: