5-Climber Stationary Climbing Wall


TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE – contact us for additional details.

The Grip-A-Rock was created for those who demand the best. If you’ve been holding out for a rock wall that looks like the real thing, that day has finally arrived! The surface color has a rich hue of color variation and a matte finish that has never been seen on previous fiberglass climbing walls. The shape is directly molded from rock, replicating every surface feature, so you can climb on the rock surface only or use the bolt-on handholds. This is truly as good as nature!

The Grip-A-Rock has an engineered steel frame with a weather resistant powder coat finish and 2-piece fiberglass climbing surface. Generally speaking it is a half-round shape that is open on the back where a compact brace kit provides additional stability and the auto belays are installed. It ships as a complete structure for self-installation in around 4-6 hours. It’s a freestanding design that permanently attaches to a concrete foundation using concrete wedge anchor bolts for indoor or outdoor installation. This is commercial grade quality at its finest!

The Grip-A-Rock has 4 Auto-Belays preinstalled for unparalleled safety protection. Our Auto-Belay is an advanced hydraulic / pneumatic system that automatically lowers climbers when they let go of the climbing wall. It adjusts for the climber’s weight as long as they are between 40 to 250 lbs (18-113kg) to provide a slow and safe ride back to the ground. Our Quick Harness is a true one-size-fits-all adjusting from 18-48in (45-122cm) waists. With the snap of 3 parachute buckles you are ready to climb. Connect the climber to the safety line and the climbing wall does the rest for you!

Spectrum Sports is the preferred climbing tower supplier in the amusement industry. We build rock walls for amusement parks, camps, schools, large FEC chains, and independent leisure locations around the world.


  • 5-climber
  • 12′-32′ (3.6-9.7M) heights
  • 384 ft² (35.7 M²) surface area for climbing
  • Most realistic rock climbing surface on market
  • Fiberglass surface for excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • Proprietary matte finish with natural color tones
  • Powder coat on steel, custom colors available
  • 4 Auto-Belay safety systems unique to Spectrum and most trusted in industry
  • Wind ratings up to 120mph
  • GSA approved vendor

Indoor Footprint

  • 7.5′ (2.3M) Wide
  • 8′ (2.4M) Deep
  • 12′-32′ (3.6-9.7M) High
  • Please allow 6′ (1.8M) of clearance around base of the for climbers

Outdoor Footprint

  • 7.5′ (2.3M) Wide
  • 8.5′ (2.6M) Deep
  • 12′-32′ (3.6-9.7M) High
  • Please allow 6′ (1.8M) of clearance around base of the for climbers

WARNING – Failure to follow the operational requirements found in your Operation and Owner’s Manual will result in voiding warranties and will place people and property at risk of serious damage and injuries.  Any modifications, alterations, misuse, work or service that is performed on your Spectrum Sports Intl equipment or its components that is not performed by an authorized Spectrum Sports Intl employee voids any and all claims to any manufacturer’s liability.

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