x1 mobile bungee

X1 Mobile Bungee

A Portable Single Station Bungee

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a commercial-grade bungee that is built in the USA. Our X1 Mobile Bungee has the features you want such as powder coat finish, aluminum poles, inflatable jump pod, and electric hoist.

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The X1 Mobile Bungee is powered by a standard 110v electric hoist. This gives you complete control of the jump cycle.  Manipulate the hoist using the attached remote as you lift jumpers to new heights.  Easy to replace, this is a great choice for our single station machine.


Nothing beats the jumping experience that real bungee cords and trampolines produce! Countless alternatives have been tested, but everyone comes back to this gold standard. We use 3 bungee sizes to ensure each jumper gets the perfect bounce for their weight. Your choice of sealed air bongo or classic trampoline gives jumpers the bounce that they need.


Our X1 Bungee is equipped with the very best components. Every harness, carabineer, bungee, pulley, and jump pod has been carefully selected to ensure that this is the ultimate jumping experience.

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