X4 Auto Bungee Trampoline

X4 Auto Bungee™

The classic 4-station mobile bungee trampoline has been updated with our Auto-Bungee™ technology.


The X4 is built to traditional industry standards in the classic 4-station configuration. The compact trailer is light and easy to tow, and it seems to disappear upon setup. 4 swivel jacks stabilize the trailer. Aluminum poles are supported and strengthened by a rigging assembly of guy cables and turnbuckles. 8′ galvanized steel trampolines are easy to work with and provide a quality bounce, and the standard bungees help propel jumpers into the sky. This is the classic bungee trampoline experience!

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A traditional bungee trampoline requires one operator per participant, as operators hold a remote pendant connected to an electric winch. The X4 Auto Bungee™ simplifies operations and cuts staffing requirements in half by utilizing our proprietary hydraulic system. A simple lever control button is connected to each station. Flip the switch up and the system automatically raises the bungee cords higher with each consecutive jump of the participant. When the participant is ready to come down the operator simply flips the switch down, and they are slowly lowered to the ground. The X4 allows 2 operators to safely monitor 4 jumpers at a time cutting your staffing requirements in half.


Our X4 Auto Bungee™ is equipped with everything you need to operate. Harnesses, bungee cords, carabiners, pulleys, and trampolines are supplied.

Enjoy reduced staffing costs in a classic configuration with the X4 Auto Bungee™!

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