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The Auto Belay changed the way the world looks at climbing, PERIOD! Before the Auto Belay safety system, the general public would not even consider climbing on a climbing wall. The confidence that the Auto Belay gives climbers is instant and incredible; you will find yourself wanting to climb up the wall just for the ride back down.

Our Auto Belay is the VERY first Hydraulic Auto Belay safety system in the Amusement industry. It was first introduced back in 1993; we call this first system, Generation 1. From the beginning it was designed to have a safe climb up and a smooth and safe decent without the use of a secondary person belaying you. Hence the word, Auto Belay started. Since 1993 to the present, several different models and updates have come out. We are currently building Generation 4. With Millions of cycles and thousands of users, we have the confidence that Our Generation 4 Auto Belay is the best on the market.

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Our Auto-Belay has been tested and certified by TÜV SÜD America U.S. This safety mark is recognized worldwide and is only given to products and facilities that pass strict testing requirements. We like to tout our quality, and the 3rd party testing by TÜV backs up our claims. We are proud that our Auto-Belay wears this mark!

Our Auto Belays can be found on all of our climbing walls, Coconut Tree Climbs and our Rope A Phobia. Its uses are broad and it is used in applications from custom climbing gyms to small private home use. Call today to get a quote for the Generation 4 Auto Belay safety system from Spectrum Sports Int’l.

See the Auto Belay in action:

What is an Auto Belay? That is a valid question and is asked on a regular basis. The best way to explain it is to understand the words AUTO and BELAY. Auto is short for Automatic, which means: acting or done spontaneously. The word Belay means: to secure (a person) at the end of a rope. We accomplish this by way of 2 groups of pulleys and cable, being managed by 2 hydraulic cylinders and air pressure. We manage the flow of oil with 2 custom valves that restrict the rate of decent. Oil and air pressure are 2 key items to ensure safe and continual operation / cycles. Our Auto Belay safety system is redundant and safe to operate in most conditions. Since the very beginning in 1993, we have been the trendsetters and innovators in the Air / Oil Hydraulic Auto Belay systems. Our Generation 4 is not like anything on the market today. From the open design to the industrial / commercial components, our Auto Belays is above the rest. It has years of testing and usage to ensure that when you buy one of our systems you have the safest system on the market.

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