LED Handholds

RGB LED Handholds can add some serious “pop” to your climbing wall, and they are one of easiest and best ways to upgrade your existing equipment. We’ve been designing and testing LED systems for over 2 years, and we’re very pleased to offer a package that is easy to install, robust, and attractive.

The RGB LED controllers that we offer feature a color wheel that allows you to literally “dial-in” almost any color for a particular climbing route. You can also opt to run the preset programs, the best of which is a slow fade from one color to the next. Also, be sure to ask about the App that lets you control the colors from your phone! Have some fun, and experiment with your new upgrade.

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TIPS: Not all of your handholds need to be LEDs to make a big impact. Several handhold colors are available, but they do limit the output color of the LED. White handholds work best for indoor centers.

In 2008 we became the distributor for a European product called the DigiWall. It’s a 9’H traverse climbing wall / video game system that features some pretty amazing handhold grips with red LED lights and SENSORS. At IAAPA that year more than a few people were intrigued about adding this kind of grip to their existing rock wall. At the show we began working with a client in Destin, FL, and LED handholds were at the top of their list. That project came to fruition in the summer of 2013. In 2014 we installed LED handholds on 2 portable units, including our IAAPA display model. Needless to say, we were hooked! The LED lights in these projects made such a huge impact.

All of these previous jobs were very labor intensive requiring several hand-solder connections per grip. That meant that a typical climbing wall could take DAYS to wire! After IAAPA 2014 our Senior Operations Manager, Lance Christiansen worked tirelessly to create a package that would be easier to install. The result is a new plug-n-play system that can be easily added to any new or existing climbing wall.

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