Bungee Trampolines

We have a bungee trampoline model for every application. The Single Station model is perfect for shopping malls and family fun centers. Want a classic 4-station design at a good value? Check out our X4 Auto Bungee model. It’s a great model for ski resorts, camps, start-ups, and even indoor facilities. Looking for the end-all-be-all for mobile operators?! Our Ultimate Bungee models setup in under 15 minutes shaving an hour off the setup of traditional bungee trampolines. The V4 and V5 are nearly identical, with the obvious difference in capacity. Want a rock climbing wall with a 2-jumper on the back? Check out the V2 Combo.


Jumpers are always treated to the best bounce possible with real bungee cords adjusted to their weight. Trampolines or inflatable jumping pods are available depending on your preference. We also carry a full inventory of bungee equipment for sale in our online store.

Bungee trampolines have been around for almost 2 decades. What makes a unit from Spectrum Sports Int’l different? We have developed a proprietary hydraulic system that replaces the winch on the classic bungee trampoline. Traditionally one operator has been assigned to one station, controlling an electric winch with a remote. This one-to-one staff-to-customer ratio is inefficient and expensive. Our new Auto-bungee system replaces the winches with a hydraulic system. A simple push/pull button is connected to each jump station. Pull the button out, and the jumper is automatically pulled upwards as they jump. The operator is free to help another participant with a harness, or check on another station. When it is time to lower the jumper, simply push in the button and watch as they are slowly and automatically lowered. This system literally cuts your staffing requirements in half, adding to your bottom line.

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