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Spectrum Sports Int’l is a manufacturer and distributor of interactive and adventure products, providing quality service and innovation since 1996. From the beginning Spectrum Sports Int’l has created the most innovative and trend-setting products in the amusement industry today.

Spectrum Sports Intl is committed to innovation and safety. Since the very first mobile climbing wall with the world’s first Auto-Belay safety system to the Mobile Zip Line with Auto-Retract safety system, we are leading and setting the standards for new products.

Other companies claim to be the first at a lot of things. When you look at the history of the interactive adventure products that have been introduced in the market you can clearly see that Spectrum Sports Int’l is setting the pace. We are the market leaders.

We firmly believe in you, our customers. We are committed to you and strive to be the company that you want to deal with. Our goal is to provide full and complete service; before, during and after the sale. You are our future, and we believe in earning your trust in our company. We want you to refer us to your colleagues and talk about the quality of products and level of service that you have received from Spectrum Sports Intl. We offer the industry’s only award-winning on-site Service.

“Spectrum Sports is not only the best manufacturer of climbing walls, but is also the best as far as service after the sale.”

-Tim D. Texas

Our products are designed and engineered to last. All of our testing and engineering are performed by 3rd party engineers to ensure that Safety is not compromised. Our design standards meet and/or exceed ASTM, ADIPS, UK NAFLIC, and our auto-belay is TUV certified. We are serious about safety and design.

Our products are used around the globe. We are truly an international company with great distributors that are well trained and committed to the same level of service. We have more happy customers than all other climbing wall manufacturers combined!

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