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Our compact high ropes courses are perfect for those who might not necessarily have the space for a full-scale rope course, but still desire the vertical adventure that can only be found when you leave the ground. Our ropes courses feature the perfect combination of compact size, height, safety, and ease of operation. Other high ropes courses require close employee supervision and rely heavily on participants to act responsibly. Our use of an overhead safety track system and our own Auto-Belay greatly reduces the risk of errors and accidents on our rope courses.



The Rope-A-Phobia™ is similar to a traditional high ropes course with vertical and lateral movement. It features many popular rope course elements, but has a much smaller footprint than ropes courses that are built using utility poles. Participant safety is accomplished by use of an overhead track and puck system and our Auto-Belay as an exit element.

The Climb-N-Challenge™ is our latest high rope course design. You climb vertically over the challenge course elements much as you would climb a rock wall. This high ropes course is physically and mentally challenging as any good ropes course should be!

Both of our high ropes courses are available in stationary and mobile configurations. Most rope courses are confined to remote locations, but this mobile option allows the adventure to be taken to any site!


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