Stationary High-Ropes Course


The Rope-A-Phobia brings the extreme experience of a high-ropes course to the amusement industry. Participants strap on a harness, click into an overhead track, and climb a cargo net to a platform over 12 feet off the ground. There they face a number of rope course challenges culminating in a slide down a fireman’s pole while connected to our Auto-Belay.

The Rope-A-Phobia is designed with high throughput in mind. Up to 7 participants can play at once, and the average time to complete the course is only a few minutes. Harnesses are sized to accommodate all ages, and challenge elements are interchangeable to produce the difficulty level you desire. Only two employees are needed for operations.

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Product specs

  • 8 total challenge elements
  • 12′-0″ (3.6 m) platform height
  • 18′-6″ (5.6 m) overall height
  • Overhead safety track system
  • 6 flag posts
  • 10′ X 25′ challenge element zone
  • (2) 18″ X 25′ Walking platforms
  • 1 Auto-Belay system
  • Separate employee safety lines
  • 9 safety tethers
  • 9 quick harnesses in various sizes
  • Warning and safety signs
  • Owners manual

Challenge Elements

  • Cargo Net Climb
  • Tremor Bridge
  • Swinging Ropes
  • Hour Glass (X-shaped tightrope)
  • Swinging Bridge
  • Classic Tightrope
  • Cargo Net Traverse
  • Fireman’s Pole

operational dimensions

  • 26′ (7.9 m) wide
  • 19′ (5.8 m) deep
  • 18′-6″ (5.6 m) tall

Setup in just 15 minutes! Watch how:


The Rope-A-Phobia encourages interaction, imagination, and fun. It provides a physical challenge and a psychological challenge (overcoming the fear of heights). It offers an extreme playground for exploring your limits. It facilitates group interaction and is ideal for team and trust building exercises. More importantly, your customers will agree that the Rope-A-Phobia is fun!

The Stationary Rope-A-Phobia is a compact ropes course that offers high altitude thrills in a small footprint. The platform is mounted 12 feet off the ground on six steel legs with wire cable cross bracing for the ultimate in stability. Installation services are available. Call for details.

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