mobile zip line™

The award-winning Mobile Zip Line was developed by the same group that pioneered the use of auto belay safety systems in the mobile rock climbing wall over 17 years ago. Similarly, our indoor climbing walls are used by amusement parks and family entertainment centers worldwide. We have the experience you can trust!

The Mobile Zip Line™ tower is NOT compatible or approved for use with stunt bags.

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product specs

  • Overall Footprint: 20’W x 174’L + anchor
  • Tower Footprint: 28’H x 31’L x 14’W (w/ outrigger jacks)
  • Rider Distance Traveled: 90’ – 100’ depending on weight/height
  • Towing / Storage Dimensions: 34’-6”L x 7’-6”W x 11’-11”H. 7,000 lbs
  • Design Standards: ASTM F24 and ACCT
  • Engineering: Stamped in Utah, California, Pennsylvania, and UK
  • Awards: Best New Product, IAAPA 2011
  • Operators: 3 – Harnessing, Tower, Disconnect
  • Capacity: 70-90 riders per hour (proven)
  • Single Ride Rate: $10 first ride, $5 follow-up rides (proven)
  • Rental Rate: $2,500-$3,500. We don’t rent, but call us if you want learn how you can make $2500 x 40 events a season by purchasing your own mobile zip line!

Watch the award-winning Mobile Zip Line in action:


The First.
Spectrum Sports Int’l released the very first Mobile Zip Line after three years of R&D. It was awarded “Best New Product” by IAAPA, and the design still stands as the most sophisticated on the market today. Subtle refinements make the current model the most proven and successful mobile zip line ever.

The Best.
Our portable zip line has been awarded the prestigious Brass Ring Award for “Best New Product” from the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA).

The Safest.
The patent-pending Auto-Retract™ system smoothly slows only the last 10% of the ride using a brake line to gently absorb the energy of the zip line rider. This zip line brake stopping motion differs from other systems that rely on impact brakes that produce a severe whiplash motion.

The Easiest.
Easier is better and safer especially when it comes to setup and operations. Our zip line can realistically be setup by 2 operators in less than 30 minutes. There is no complicated rigging and no heavy lifting of sandbags. Watch our setup video on YouTube, and you’ll see that unlike other brands we have nothing to hide. On the operations side our zip line is the only model that both automatically brakes the rider and automatically retracts the trolley to the top for the next rider. No winches to activate, no need to remove trolleys, and no need to worry about lowering devices, all of which slow down throughput. Simplicity is one of the big reasons that our portable zip line is the choice of top industry veterans.

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WARNING – Failure to follow the operational requirements found in your Operation and Owner’s Manual will result in voiding warranties and will place people and property at risk of serious damage and injuries. Any modifications, alterations, misuse, work or service that is performed on your Spectrum Sports Intl equipment or its components that is not performed by an authorized Spectrum Sports Intl employee voids any and all claims to any manufacturer’s liability. It is the buyer/operator’s responsibility to know and understand all regulatory restrictions and limitations that apply to this product in their jurisdiction. SSI makes no guarantee, explicit or implied, that the product meets all requirements in the buyer/operator’s jurisdiction.

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