ACCT – Building Relationships & Sharing Ideas

Spectrum Sports Int’l took an active role in this year’s ACCT Conference January 30 – February 2 at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld.

Sales Manager Cody Sorensen was able to renew friendships and make new connections at our exhibit booth. He also shared his expertise on zip lines during one of the many educational classes.

Spectrum Sports Int’l is widely known for popularizing the Mobile Zip Line. It is a lesser known fact that we have worked for years with challenge course companies supplying our Auto-Zip challenge course element.

As the name suggests an Auto-Zip is a hybrid between a zip line and auto belay. A standard zip line trolley rolls along a cable that is being lowered at the same time. This produces a zigzag or “falling leaf” effect as the rider gently lowers to the ground. The main advantage is that a rider enjoys a relatively longer zip line ride in a shorter footprint. Auto-Zips have become a popular exit element.

The Auto-Zip roughly resembles an Auto-Belay, but it features larger pulleys, cylinders, cable and other steel reinforcements to withstand the forces generated by zip lines. “Back in the day” challenge course builders were using off-the-shelf Auto-Belays, but our model has been specifically designed and engineered to meet the true demands of this application.

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