Maintenance & Training Reminder

Memorial Day has come and gone. School is out, and the hot weather is here. It’s safe to say that the season is in full swing! Here at Spectrum Sports International we would like to share some tips to make this a safe season.

Properly maintained equipment inspires trust from your customers. It’s a solid business practice that helps secure repeat customers. As a manufacturer, we’re acutely aware that one accident from a negligent operator can bring bad press and increased insurance premiums to the entire industry. Don’t be the operator who ruins it for everyone!

Annual Replacement Parts
If you operate a climbing wall or zip line, you are required to replace your cables every 12 months. You are also required to replace all pulley bolts. You can read the actual Safety Bulletins on our “Downloads” page found here.

Wear Items
Certain parts might last longer than a season. The burden lies with the operator to ensure that those parts meet the inspection criteria found in the Owner’s Manual. For example:

√ Carabineers – Auto-locking gates must snap shut on their own, no grooves or deformations to the body or gate area, no rust or corrosion
√ Swivels – must rotate smoothly along the horizontal plane, no vertical play in the joint, and no grooves or deformation to the body of the device
√ Harnesses – inspect the stitching, attachment loop, straps, and buckles.

A comprehensive list can be found in your Owner’s Manual. “When in doubt, change it out” is always the best policy.

It is advisable to clean your equipment frequently, and doing so will most definitely extend the life of your product. A heated pressure washer can do wonders to remove the grime that builds up over a season. Avoid spraying hydraulic and electrical components with high pressure. We also recommend applying a protective coating such as automotive wax or furniture polish to steel parts.

It’s important that your staff understand the concepts behind the safety systems on the equipment you operate. Now is a good time to review your Owner’s Manual with your crew. Make sure everyone understands how to properly transport, setup, inspect, operate, and takedown the product. Contact us if you need a replacement Owner’s Manual.

We also offer On-Site Training for a fee. It’s perfect for new employees, managers, and crew chiefs alike. You should check with your insurer provider to see if this type of training will qualify you for a discounted premium rate. You can request a quote for training on our website here.

Spectrum Sports International is dedicated to helping you have a safe and profitable season. We have a full-time parts and service department that is waiting to assist you in any way possible. Let us know if you need anything, and we hope you have a great season!