Potential Cable Damage On 2017 Parts From Spool 8766-3

Spectrum Sports Intl recently discovered that some climbing wall cables replaced on our national service route in 2017 may have damaged sections of cable. This affects cables created from Spool# 8766-3.

All new cables were inspected prior to their installation by our technician. However, as a precaution, Spectrum Sports Intl recommends that each of our customer’s having cables from this spool visually inspect their cables along the entire length for signs of visible damage to any section, such as frays, kinks, flat spots, cuts, bird caging, or other visible damage to the cable that could weaken or affect the integrity of the cable. This visual inspection should already be taking place on a daily basis as per Spectrum Sporst Intl’s Operations Manual.

Please contact us immediately if you discover any damage to your cables and provide photo documentation of such damage:

[email protected]

888-563-0163 toll free

435-792-3883 international calls