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Home Climbing Wall Panels

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4’x4′ Modular Panels that look, feel, and climb like real rock!

* Shipping not included. Freight will be billed separately (see below).

Maintenance free


Handholds included

For over 20 years we have been building climbing walls for rec centers, camps, and amusement parks. Now you can get commercial-grade climbing panels for your DIY home climbing wall project!



Looking to build a home climbing wall?
Do you want a solution that is maintenance free?
Do you want a solution that will look new 15 years from now?

Our 4’x4′ Modular Climbing Wall Panels look, feel, and climb like real rock. They are perfect for DIY climbing wall projects. Our weatherproof climbing panels can even be installed outdoors. These panels are a smart choice for building traverse or boulder climbing walls. They also work great for vertical builds where the maintenance free construction will be greatly appreciated.

What you’ll love:

1. The shape: real-rock contours continue from one panel to the next. The total pattern area is 8’H x 8’W, or 4 panels in total. You never get a repeating block look. Built-in foot holds and even advanced climber handholds are everywhere.
2. The texture: panels are finished in a faux-granite material that provides a nice texture. It’s grippy, but nonabrasive.
3. The durability: panels are molded from real rock, and reproduced in weatherproof fiberglass. They are impervious weather, strong, yet relatively light-weight (40-45 lb per panel).
4. Non marking surface. Your shoes won’t leave black rubber marks.

Watch our short video highlighting some of these features:

48″ x 48″ dimension
40 – 45 lb per panel
4 corner mounting points
6 handholds (choose color from drop-down)
Real rock shape
Granite look and texture

It’s easy to install these panels to an existing wood frame wall. Garages, basements, and sheds are perfect. You can even install over drywall with little trouble. You first install 2×4 lumber as horizontal ledgers, attaching securely to the vertical studs in your wall. You then attach panels to the ledgers using 1/4″ or 3/8″ x 3″ lag screws. Most projects can be completed in a few hours.

Our panels will be packaged on a 51’w x 51’d pallet for shipping. They are delivered curbside via LTL freight. Unfortunately, white-glove delivery is not an option at this time. We will contact you after you place your to calculate shipping charges. Freight charges are typically in the range of $400-$650.