Introducing Our New Products

The design and production team at Spectrum Sports International have been working long hours and weekends to get 2 phenomenal new products ready for their debut at IAAPA. Thank you boys! The wait is over and big reveal is set for IAAPA 2013:

V4 Ultimate Bungee

Customers have been asking us for years to offer a bungee trampoline unit. They own our other products, trust our quality, and they love doing business with our service department. We always felt that unless we could come up with something better we would simply stay out of it. Well over the summer we took in a bungee unit on trade, and we quickly became frustrated with the time and energy it took to setup and operate a traditional 4-in-1 bungee. This got our wheels turning, and the end result is the new V4 Ultimate Bungee. Check out more details on our product page!
Stunt Jump

Let’s be very clear about a few things. We’ve designed and introduced the amusement and leisure industry to some very, very good products including the mobile climbing wall and Mobile Zip Line. We feel that our latest product is even more exciting. The Stunt takes our award-winning tower design and pairs it with an award-winning 20’W x 27’L jump bag. The resulting attraction gives every participant the chance to fly through the air like a stunt man with no harnesses, ropes, or strings attached. Scared of heights? Work your way up to the big jump by first starting on the lower 12′ platform. This attraction has all ages from elementary school to college lining up to jump. Fortunately they don’t have to wait long because of the EXTREMELY FAST CYCLE TIMES. This is sure to be the hottest product for the next season.

Hopefully you get a chance to check these out in person at IAAPA, but in case you miss them you can always contact us after the show for pricing and additional info.