Stunt Jump a Show-Stopper

The Stunt Jump was one of the most exciting and talked about products at the 2013 IAAPA show. Because of our limited booth space we only had a half-sized jump bag on display. This limited jumping to our trained stunt team. Fortunately, Inflatable 2000 had a full-size jump bag in their booth that everyone could try. We wish they could have also displayed a full-size side bag for those who weren’t brave enough to jump from the 20′ platform. In the end you know you have a great product when your line is longer than the free pizza!

Most operators were completely blown away by the concept. The simplicity of the setup and operation along with the tremendous capacity or through-put appealed to the practical operator. And there was a general consensus that customer bases from colleges to private events to fair-goers are going to go crazy for this product. It’s nearly the perfect attraction.

The stunt jump was kept under tight wraps until it debuted at the show. Because of this secrecy many regulatory details still need to be worked out. North Carolina approved the product at the show. We will be pursuing approval in the state of Pennsylvania at the April meeting. We will not be pursuing New Jersey type approval due to what we feel are hostile and anti-business practices in that state. We are happy to work with any customer for approval in their state in addition to those mentioned above. Most states are simply interested in enforcing manufacturer’s guidelines for safe operation and setup, and the Stunt Jump is especially easy to setup and operate.

Perhaps the biggest question regarding the Stunt Jump was in regards to insurance. Currently insurance is available in the US through Evolution Insurance Brokers. We invite all agents and underwriters to contact us for additional information about the history and safety of our landing bag. This product is selling fast, and the underwriters who take the time to educate themselves on the safety features will be rewarded with bookings.